Opening a New Company in Dubai?

With the right guidance and knowledge opening a business in Dubai can be done in few simple steps.

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Selecting Business Activities

We will help you choose business activities and whether to open a company in mainland or a free zone.

Visa Applications

Our knowledge will make license application and visa application process fast and straightforward.


Government Approvals

We assure that all government approvals and requirements are met, such as office location, insurance status, local sponsorship...

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Bank Account

Our services include opening a bank account and setting up cryptocurrency exchange account for payments.

How much does it cost?

The total cost of opening a business in Dubai depends on many things such as whether you decide to start a mainland or free zone company, the size of company, type of business activities and size of your business premises.

Further, a minimum budget for obtaining a free zone license and visa application is set to be around AED 25.000.

Opening a business in mainland however is more expensive and, if you have to apply for more than one visa, those costs rise up to around AED 30.000.

Learn more on UAE Ministry of Economy

How long does it take?

Opening a company in UAE can easily be done in a week if you follow the steps and have the right resources. Our consultants will prepare all documentation and government approvals for you. Setting up a company in a free zone usually takes 3-10 days.

Before starting the process, you have to take into consideration these important steps:

  • determine type of business
  • determine ownership
  • choose trade name
  • designate share capital
  • secure the premises
  • hire employees
  • get local support/sponsor

We play on your side

“Trust us and let us do all the necessary formalities and administrative work so you can focus on your core business.”

Kristina Blagus, Director

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With our expertise setting up a business in Dubai is easy!

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