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Property Investments

Croatia has been considered as the most sought-after destination in all of Europe.

Opening Company

Get residency by opening a business in Croatia.

Buying Real Estate Property in Croatia

The right of ownership of a property in Croatia can be acquired on the basis of reciprocity.

Owning a real estate property in Croatia has become a desirable option for outside buyers wanting to invest in Croatia or in overseas real estate.

Why Open Company in Croatia?

Having a company in Croatia allows you to:

  • Gain residency in Croatia if you are not an EU citizen
    Set up a business bank account
    Gain access to the rights and privileges of a Croatian company

Take into consideration that Croatian laws and bureaucratic rules often change, and each personal case is individual, so different rules may apply. For any legal or financial advice, contact us to consult with a licensed Croatian professional.

"As long as there is heart, there will be Croatia"

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